MA Design Joint Studies

Welcome to MA studies at Aalto University Department of Design!

Four courses comprise a compulsory program of Joint Studies for all MA students in the Aalto Department of Design. You can find more detailed information of the course content in SISU. You can also contact responsible teachers of the courses for questions.

1st year:
MUO-E0020 INTRO 3 cr
MUO-E0021 Design Research 3 cr
MUO-E0022 Design Culture Now 3 cr

2nd year:
MUO-E0023 Thesis Plan Orientation 3cr

In addition, all MA students complete Master’s Thesis 30 cr.

You can find more information of the studies:

MA in Design (CoID, CoDe ja FaCT)

MA in Creative Sustainability


Responsible teacher of joint studies 2022-24 is professor Pirjo Kääriäinen